Zealous Productions

Zealous Productions is a branch of Zealous Entertainment.

We specialize in video productions incorporating storytelling, visual arts and more. Utilising our experienced industry professionals we have successfully made a number of productions including commerials, documentaries and short films.

Short Films

Too Late To Life - Trailer

Too Late to Life is a short film about the struggles of the modern generation facing the job market through the eyes of the cocky protagonist John Cumberland.

The Delay

The Delay is a short film about Levi, a hard working man that deals with the troubles between balancing his work life with his family life while in competition with a colleague for a job promotion.


Unplugged Expo

Collaborating with Sandbox Promotions we made a commerical for the Toronto based fan event known as Unplugged Expo III.

Centennial College

A commerical about Centennial College's Creative Communications Centre showing off the various courses that the school provides.